for physicians

Why volunteer with Utah Valley Refugees?

Utah Valley Refugees provides you with a unique opportunity to volunteer or donate service to the most vulnerable population in our community.

Why should physicians volunteer with the Utah Valley Refugees (UVR)? 

  • To provide charity care in a coordinated and comprehensive way. 
  • To receive Charitable Immunity. 
  • To refer your existing uninsured patients to Utah Valley Refugees for additional benefits. 
  • To educate the public on charitable contributions from the medical community. 
  • To reduce the overall costs of the healthcare system. 
  • To further fulfill your purpose in choosing a career in medicine. 

Join Utah Valley Refugee’s Volunteer Provider Network for an organized and comprehensive way to serve. It’s easy to participate. Let us know how many refugees you can see, knowing that you can reduce or increase your number of pledged clients, or stop, at any time. We will collaborate with your staff to get the paperwork done.

To express your interest in partnering with us, please tell us a little about you and your practice by filling out the forms below.